It is not how much you know, but it is how much you apply that is important. Knowing ABOUT GOD isn't KNOWING GOD!!!
This is a demonstration of Anil Nair's Mathamagic Classroom session
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N.Sridhar (Director, CAREER LAUNCHER, Tirupati)

It is my privilege to say a few words about one of the great academic personalities I have ever seen in my life. I have over 3 year relationship with Mr. Anil. When I see Anil, I remember a saying "great oaks from little acorns grow" (small or modest proportions grow into something very large or impressive). I know that he grew from rags to riches...
K.V.Praneeth (Ex-Student)

I consider myself lucky to write a testimony for Anil Nair sir. Our meeting was quite a different one. One day Anil sir was conducting a workshop in the college on behalf of CL in which I was also present. I was handpicked by him personally and with in a brief conversation he convinced me that I am capable of doing something big. Till then all I was concerned with was only 75% attendance and Counter Strike. Eventually I joined CL and it was my first quant class, I was mesmerized by his way of teaching, math was never so interesting for me.